Is the tarmac in Coventry City Centre permanent?

In a word, no.
But here are a few more words…

The city centre is going through a lot of work right now and that involves digging it up.

This is actually something for all residents and the tarmac is not brought to the city by hoards of students, but contractors hoping to revitalise a tired shopping precinct.

This website hopes to show what is coming soon to the people of Coventry.

Getting rid of the 1980s is often a bad move in terms of music, fashion and culture but with architectural tinkering in Coventry the decade brought untold damage to our post war buildings. The green escalator, the shoddy facades, the raised grass verges – all pointless and poorly executed. Even the trees were replaced with poor imitations.

2020 sees new life coming to a centre that was the first of its kind in Europe with a twist from Ancient Egypt. Coventry in the 50’s and 60’s was booming and a pedestrianised shopping precinct was a big deal at the time. I cannot wait for it to be refreshed and renewed – hopefully some attitudes follow suit.

So you want to know what is actually happening!? Click Here

Talking Heads, James, 38. (Artwork by Thomas Lawlor)

Coventry Tarmac Mock Merch.

Banner photo: Aaron Law, Smithford Way 2020
Secondary Banner: John Whitmore, Upper Precinct 2020.